Quality certification

Quality certification

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Quality policy:

Leading technology, fine management, customer first, continuous improvement

Leading technology – technological innovation is the foundation of a company's survival. Only by constantly innovating and improving can we improve the quality of our products to better meet customer requirements.

Fine management - Quality is the life and dignity of the company. All employees should carefully manage and operate carefully, and guarantee the quality of products and services with excellent work quality.

Customer first - The company‘s products and services must meet the customer’s requirements, and all work should be carried out to meet customer requirements and achieve customer satisfaction. Continuous Improvement - Continuous improvement of quality management systems, processes and products to meet the growing needs and expectations of customers and to adapt to changing market conditions.


Environmental and occupational health and safety policy:

Law abiding, safety and environmental protection, steady development and continuous improvement

Compliance: identify and track applicable laws and regulations and other requirements, and apply and meet them in production activities.

Safety and environmental protection: through our efforts, we strictly implement the requirements of occupational health and safety and environmental protection in the production process to minimize the impact on the environment and reduce occupational health and safety risks.

Steady development: constantly improve environmental protection, occupational health and safety awareness, improve environmental protection, occupational health and safety performance, using modern management methods, make the company continue to develop.

Continuous improvement: strive to exceed customer expectations and requirements of laws and regulations through the identification of potential customer needs, satisfaction evaluation, compliance evaluation and resource allocation, product production process and system process improvement.




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