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Employment ideality

Employment ideality

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Why you choose Hanrui:

We are a leading company in the whole industrial chain of cobalt industry in China, with cobalt powder products occupying the leading share in the domestic market and export share accounting for more than half of the domestic total;

We have advanced cobalt industry research center, fully automated production line and professional management team;

Our customers cover the world's most high-quality cemented carbide enterprises, you can access to the most cutting-edge information in the industry;

We need all kinds of talents to join us, so that we can take off again.

Our employment philosophy:

Pursue excellence

Emphasizes teamwork and communication

Be honest and trustworthy and respect and trust others

Encourage change and innovation

We are looking for:

An aggressive person

A person who dares to challenge himself

A man of his word

A person who is responsible for himself and others

A person with superimposed motivation

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