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Research and development center

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In 2012, Hanrui's “Cobalt-based Powder Engineering Technology Research Center” was recognized as Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center by Nanjing Science and Technology Committee, and Jiangsu Runjie New Materials Technology Center was recognized as “Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center” by Nanjing Economic and Information Technology Committee. The enterprise technology center, high-purity sub-micron dendritic cobalt powder, high-purity sub-micron near-spherical cobalt powder and high-globular spherical cobalt carbonate have been identified as high-tech products. The company's major scientific and technological achievements transformation project undertaken by the company – “Research and Industrialization Project of Shape Controllable High Purity Ultrafine Cobalt Based Powder” passed the acceptance test in 2013. At present, the company has 5 invention patents and 2 utility model patents, forming two standards for filing enterprises.

The company has been focusing on the development and production of cobalt powder technology. It has mastered ultrafine cobalt powder, high specific gravity spherical cobalt carbonate, near spherical cobalt carbonate, ultra coarse particle cobalt powder, liquid phase reduction to produce cobalt powder technology, granulated cobalt powder. The core technology of production methods, product quality has reached the world's advanced level. With years of technical accumulation, the company is conducting research and development of various new technologies and new processes to maintain the company's technological leadership. Hanrui's R&D and technology fields are aimed at the frontier areas of international cobalt-based powder development and important subject issues of cobalt-based materials research. With the company's already existing cobalt resource advantages, cobalt powder preparation technology advantages and the advantages of high-quality cobalt-based materials customers, Established a number of professional research rooms, covering the cobalt industry smelting, powder preparation, materials, environmental protection and other aspects.

The company has a professional R & D team of cobalt, copper and other non-ferrous metals with high professional level, research and development and engineering experience. The company's current research and development mission is the R&D center. There are four professional laboratories, namely the wet smelting research laboratory, the powder metallurgy research laboratory, the battery material research laboratory and the high-temperature cobalt-based alloy research laboratory.

Chen Qinglin: Deputy General Manager, Senior Engineer, National Registered Quality Engineer, has worked as a development project for high-density spherical cobalt powder, a research project for cobalt chloride extraction and impurity removal technology, a development project for cobalt powder for armor-piercing projectiles, and ultra-fine spherical cobalt. Powder R&D project, 06-type sub-micron cobalt powder R&D project, 04-type cobalt powder R&D project, 40-type high-density cobalt powder R&D project, research and development and industrialization project of shape-controllable high-purity ultrafine cobalt-based powder The project leader, in which “the research and development and industrialization project of shape-controllable high-purity ultra-fine cobalt-based powder” won the 2009 major scientific and technological achievements transformation project in Jiangsu Province, published 8 papers in the national core journals, and authorized invention patents for 4 countries. Inventor, inventor of a utility model patent.

Lei Junpeng: Male, member of the Communist Party of China, Ph.D., senior engineer of metal materials. In 1998, he graduated from Zhongnan University Science and Technology with a major in metal-based composite materials. In 2008, he graduated from Dalian University of technology with a Ph.D. in material physics and chemistry, and served as the external tutor of full-time Master of engineering of School of material science and engineering of Lanzhou University of technology. Now, he works in Nanjing Hanrui cobalt Industry Co., Ltd. He is mainly engaged in the preparation of lithium battery materials and precursors, and the process of extracting nickel and cobalt from nickel cobalt hydroxide or nickel bearing raw ore. He has rich experience in the production of pressure leaching of nickel cobalt sulfide. He has presided over or participated in more than 10 scientific research and technological transformation projects, published more than 10 papers as the first author, including four papers collected in SCI and three papers collected in EI. In 2010, he participated in the research and development of nickel cobalt manganese ternary composite hydroxide for lithium-ion batteries and won the first prize of Gansu Province for scientific and technological progress.

Xie Zhiping: Male, born in 1959, member of the Communist Party of China, college degree, engineer. He has served as the director of smelting workshop, director of plant, production minister and assistant to general manager in Jiangxi Ganzhou Cobalt and Tungsten Co., Ltd. Since 2012, he has served as deputy chief of Jiangsu Runjie and deputy chief engineer of Hanrui Cobalt. He has participated in the implementation of extraction technology to produce cobalt oxalate, metal cobalt powder production line, and full extraction method to recover nickel metal technology in mother solution. He has won the third prize of Jiangxi Science and Technology Achievements Progress Award. He has rich industry knowledge and practical experience.


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