New coordinates for matt's public service

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(Summary description)remember the completion of the reconstruction and modern renovation project of USAMANI primary school

New coordinates for matt's public service

(Summary description)remember the completion of the reconstruction and modern renovation project of USAMANI primary school

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New coordinates for matt's public service
-- remember the completion of the reconstruction and modern renovation project of USAMANI primary school


After a month of intensive reconstruction and modern decoration, USAMANI primary school reconstruction project of Congo maite mining co., LTD., a subsidiary of hanrui cobalt industry, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 28.

Since its establishment, the company has been actively engaged in the local public welfare undertakings in the DRC in the spirit of serving the society and repaying the society. Every year, the public welfare donation is regarded as an important part of the long-term development strategy of the company. The years of efforts have been well received by the local government.

After several rounds of joint research with representatives of PACT, an international non-governmental organization, this year, the company finally confirmed the reconstruction of USAMANI primary school as one of its major public welfare projects this year. This also fully reflects the company's "return the children to school" vision of the good social welfare.

USAMANI elementary school is the only public elementary school in the district where matt is located. For a long time, due to the rough school body, coupled with disrepair, dilapidated: Windows only railings, no Windows; The roof is full of holes, and sunlight hits the inside walls; Severe external wall peeling; The inner wall has no powder laying bricks and stones exposed; Look up to see the rough wooden roof beams; Black and blue blackboard, writing blurred; It was dark because there was no powder and no electric lights. All this has seriously affected the number of students and the quality of teaching in this public primary school.

Attached photo: original appearance of primary school


But even so, the school still houses around 250 students. "If conditions were better, more children would come and fewer children would drop out of school," said the head teacher.

The scene in front of us deeply touched mattel and passed on to the top leaders of the cobalt industry. "We can't wait any longer," and "the reconstruction of USAMANI elementary school will be completed this year," is the consensus of all senior leaders.

According to the requirements of company leaders, the reconstruction of primary schools should be completed, and students' learning should not be delayed. That's why matt has scheduled the renovation to take place during the students' August break: a month before school starts.

"Time is tight and the task is heavy" are the biggest difficulties faced by the reconstruction project of USAMANI elementary school.

In the face of difficulties and pressure, all the leaders from the upper level to the lower staff have taken positive actions, which once again demonstrates the enterprise spirit of mattel. The whole process from project approval to tender was completed in a timely and compliant manner just before the start of the student holidays. So that in the beginning of the student holiday, the construction unit completed the rapid admission.

To ensure that a weather-proof primary school would be given to its students, mattel assigned a supervisor to oversee the renovation. Large to the roof of the steel truss number, small to the indoor floor of the cement thickness and marking, and then small as the height of the steps, steps beside the gentle slope, should be strictly in accordance with the contract requirements, both according to the actual use of students to design, and high quality construction and construction.

The purpose of remaking the primary school is for the children: for the children to study in a relaxed and comfortable school, for the children to love the school and be willing to study in the school, so everything should start from the children. We can get a sense of how matt did it in a small way.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the company and the construction company, the reconstruction project proceeded smoothly according to the expected construction progress. However, as for the color selection of the external wall, the company had a dispute with the construction company and postponed the construction.

Because the construction company is a Chinese company, according to the construction company's initial design, the color of the outer wall is upper white and lower blue, because this meets China's aesthetic requirements for the simplicity and elegance of primary schools. But the company's experience, based on 12 years of roots in Dr Congo, is that locals prefer bright colours. Therefore, the company rejected the construction company's color design, but it was difficult for the company to decide which color was more in line with the local people's aesthetic requirements. The green of Congo's vast forests? Or the fiery red of the local people? Or is it the blue color of the Congo river?

What color should USAMANI elementary school be? Children are certainly the most vocal.

"Time is tight and the task is heavy," but matt never forgets why.

In order to get the truest and most reliable answers that satisfy the children and reassure the company, matt designed several different house color combinations and conducted several random surveys, asking children of different genders and ages to choose from in this primary school.

Until the kids' choices slowly shifted to "blue" and "yellow."

While investigators were still baffled, the elementary school principal revealed the final answer: this is the color of our national flag!

Yeah! With a red roof and yellow and blue walls, the three colors are the colors of the national flag of the democratic republic of Congo.

That's it! That's the kids' choice! The company wants the best answer!

After getting the most satisfactory answer, the reconstruction project immediately entered the hot and orderly tense construction.

In the end, the renovation project not only guaranteed quality and quantity, but also completed ahead of schedule.

Photos: a new look at the primary school




The old principal of USAMANI elementary school couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at the brand new school, the modern decor, the aluminum Windows, the electric ceiling, and the chalkboard made to the teacher's specifications. "it was like a dream," she said.

After several Suggestions from the old school principal, the company finally decided to engrave the name of the enterprise with the name of the school on one wall of the primary school. "I will always let the students remember that it was the Chinese company that gave us everything we saw." "Said the old headmaster affectionately.

The company's reconstruction of the elementary school has spread word of mouth among local residents, and even attracted the attention of the mayor of likasi. He personally participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and in the ceremony gave the company a high praise. He says matt has not only boosted the local economy, but also changed the local education industry, giving the children "the best primary school".

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr ELIE, who represents PACT, an international non-governmental organisation, said he had been honoured to be part of the programme and had seen how it had changed the school.

In the face of such praise, matt company is already the wind clear cloud light. Because as matt general manager wu ke qi said at the opening ceremony of USAMANI primary school, "the company cannot grow without the support of the society. The development of the company, to feed society.

Attached photo: school reconstruction completion ceremony


If it were not for the corporate sentiment that linked its destiny to the development of local society, and the corporate social responsibility responsibility that kept in mind, how could the company be able to take root and flourish in the exotic Congo for 12 years?

The reconstruction of USAMANI elementary school in licasey is neither the beginning, nor the new beginning, nor the end of the road to fulfill matt's social responsibility. It's just a coordinate, a new coordinate, guiding matt to continue on its way to a new goal in public service.

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