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R & D and Technology
       "Hanrui" cobalt powder are widely used in multiple fields such as cemented carbide, diamond tools, new energy battery materials and magnetic materials and etc. Products are sold well in many countries and regions. Hanrui has become one of the Chinese leading enterprises of fine cobalt powder. 
        In 2012, Hanrui "cobalt-based powder engineering technology research center" was certificated as Nanjing Municipal Engineering and technology research center by the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Jiangsu Runjie new material technology center was certificated as "Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center" by Nanjing Economic and Information Technology Commission. Three kind of products: high purity submicron cylindrical cobalt powder, high purity submicron near spherical cobalt powder and a high density spherical  cobalt carbonate was identified as high-tech products. Jiangsu Province major scientific and technological achievement transformation project undertaken by the company-" R & D and industrialization of morphologically-controlled high purity ultrafine cobalt-based powder" has successfully passed the acceptance in 2013. At present, the company owns 5 invention patents, 2 utility model patents, and forms two enterprise standards. 
        Hanrui has always focused on cobalt powder technology R & D and production, has mastered the core technology on producing ultrafine cobalt powder, high density spherical cobalt carbonate, near spherical cobalt carbonate, coarse particle cobalt powder, granulated cobalt powder and liquid phase reduction cobalt powder. The quality of Hanrui products reach the world-class levels.  
       With many years accumulation of technology, the company is carrying out the R&D of a variety of new technologies and production methods in order to maintain the company's technology leading edge. The R&D targets at the field of the cutting edge of science and technology of Co-based powder. Taking advantage of cobalt resources, technology of cobalt powder production and international customers, the company has set up several professional research lab which covers cobalt smelting, powder production, materials, environmental protection, automation and control technology and so on.